Fourth Session Doodles.

So we saw a bear again. Not the same one that viciously mauled my team-mates, but another one. Wanting to prove to my team that I could achieve alone what they could not together. I attacked it. Smartly.

I fashioned a Bolas out of some heavy bells I had and some rope, swung it around my head and tried to hog-tie that bear and bring it to the ground. It half worked. I got the back legs and the bear immediately snapped the binds and went to maul me.

CHOMP. I was in it’s mouth, failing around, trying to not die horribly, when I jammed my Akodo blade straight into its fucking skull. And it still die. Because bears are apparently god-level in this campaign. So it mauled me some more and I jammed my Wakizashi in it’s brain. And again, it didn’t die. Needless to say, I was out of swords and our army had to be called in to murder this bear 14 to 1 and I got my swords back, despite being Out.

Later we popped by a local village to get some supplies and a wagon to help cart me around on. We left Yamarashi to do some negotiating and ask the local merchant for directions. A merchant who had finer clothes than we did and a grand assortment of cheap Scorpion masks, as we later found out. One thing lead to another, Yamarashi tried to intimidate the merchant, the merchant stabbed him in the chest with a Tanto, and the merchant immediately learned what a “Glasgow Kiss” is. It’s 40 rapid-fire headbutts to the face until you literally die from impact.

Then we finally progressed on our real mission. Finding our General’s stolen trophies. A Scorpion-Clan daisho. Long story short, one of our General’s Colonel’s Sons swiped one of the swords for some crazy ritual we know nothing about. And rather than telling us flatly that his father has the other sword in the set, he tried to Seppuku himself and we stopped him. Our Matsu Berserker, the raging lion-lady, is also apparently a Paragon of Compassion. So we booked it back to our General’s City while the berserker tended to the poor, possibly evil, boy like a mom and her pup.

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Third Mini-Session Doodles.

Up top we’ve got the ancestor that constantly haunts my character, Mayu, thanks to the Haunted disadvantage. Constantly encouraging him to stray the path of the good, honorable lion, in favor of a more pragmatic and caution-to-the-wind lion.

Then we’ve got my first roll of the session. Admittedly, I, the player, was a couple beers in when we started. It wasn’t a scheduled game, we were all just online and free and so I got caught flatfooted. On our journey to another colonel’s fortress, we did some hunting and found some oxen.

These oxen, despite being shoe’d, were pretty wild and had a lot of reservations about coming with us. So I did the only logical thing one can do when approaching 3 wild oxen. I tried diplomacy. I slowly walked towards the calmest one and very plainly explained the advantages of coming with us. Joining General Bao’s army offered the ox a better place in it’s next kharmic cycle. It could serve under Lion banners and bring glory to it’s family. We could outfit it like any other soldier and it could fight in the Emperor’s army. And so on and so forth until I slipped a rope around it’s neck and we took it away. 

Admittedly, I lost some honor, but hey, it was pretty great.

Then fast forward to the other doodle. Matsu Homare got herself in deep shit. She basically told one of our superiors that she thinks his son’s a shifty-eyed sun’bitch who made off with our General’s war trophies. Normally, totally fine, but seeing as we had next to no proof and Homare was the only one who felt this way, kinda rubbed this dude the wrong way. Like badly. Like “You’ve challenged my honor and I’m going to hurt you badly”.

So he challenged Homare to a duel til’ the first serious injury and we had an hour to prepare. Being a Matsu Berserker, Homare had literally no experience dueling, so we spent the 1xp point she had left from last session in Iajutsu, and justified it by saying Mayu gave the quickest crash course on how to not totally die in the first 6 seconds of a duel.

Then the duel happened. 

And she almost died within the first 7 seconds. She took a huge gash to the throat and only managed to cut the other dude’s leg. She’s alive. Sort of. And that’s where we left off.

l5r Legend of 5 Rings legend of five rings legend of the 5 rings legend of the five rings

Doodly Bits.

The blog updates have been a bit slow since I put my nose back to the grindstone of working on The Sisters. Trying to get it all inked before I move back into the city.

So here’s some other junk I’ve been kickin around. Some Karrin Klash sketches and my Mario’d up L5R party.

Second Session Doodles.

So we woke up to an intruder in the night and had a pajama-party-investigation. In an effort to figure out who stole one of our General’s trophies, Mayu broke out the ol’ Divination Kit to ask the spirits for a lead. It went sorta like:

Mayu: “Spirits, are we still able to catch this thief?”
Spirits: “Corruption of Blood! A Thousand Years of Darkness upon you!”
Mayu: “…Right. So it’s a tomorrow-problem. Gotcha.”

And we headed back to bed. The next morning we went around town looking for clues, came up with jack, and headed out with our small band of 20 Budoka to go find the most likely culprit.

Then Yamarashi found a bear. It was rummaging through an old peasant house we discovered earlier and Yamarashi figured it’d be a quick and easy way to get a good source of meat. 

3 minutes later, the bear had a spear stuck in it, an arrow to the thinkpan, literally tore off most of Yamarashi’s face, gashed a good chunk out of Homare’s chest, and was still pretty keen on making it murder-town. Luckily, I, Mayu, was 50 feet away playing the role of archer. I ended up just calling in the army and the horn-blow alone scared the bear off.

We got ourselves patched up by an enemy who seems to like me and hate the rest of the party.

On the journey to the next destination we came across a village in the flatlands. Figuring it was a good place to restock, we made first contact and one of our scouts got an arrow through the throat. Bandit Town.

So we took a page from Leadership and came back at night when they weren’t ready. It was Mass Battle time.

We rode in on horseback, penal-foot-soldiers at our backs and engaged the enemy. The bandits tried to burn down the wheat and rice just so nobody could have it and I’d be damned if this whole trip was for nothing.

The highlights of the battle from my perspective was when Mayu shot two arrows at once, one-shotting 2 bandits 50 feet away, in pitch black, followed by trampling two more soldiers, and then cutting another couple down from horseback. All in the space of 12 seconds.

Then Yamarashi had a great character moment after the battle when he kicked some peasant woman around for information, and stole the last 33-pounds of un-burned rice from the town so we could feed our army. It’s great because the guy who played Yamarashi was the same guy who played the Living Embodiment of Kindness, Compassion and Brotherhood, Ichiro, in the last game.

Words words words. More doodles to come maybe.

l5r Legend of 5 Rings legend of five rings legend of the 5 rings legend of the five rings

Some Sisters So Far!

It hasn’t died, I swear. Most of my day is spent on it, actually.

Here’s some non-sequential pages that I’ve inked and like more than the others.

cartoonallies sva

Karrin Klash Outfits.

I do intend to do something with Karrin at some point, but until then, it’s a whole lotta shape-simplifying and warmups

Cleaned Up Dungeon Doodles!

Gave the last sheet another pass to get it ready for the book. And hell, it got me like 6 new followers or something? For original non-fanart-art? That’s preposterous. 

But thanks for the support ya’ll, I’ll try to keep you guys as clued in to the production of the adventure module as best I can!

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